What’s the most efficient way to find information about a company’s litigation?

What’s the most efficient way to find information about a company’s litigation?


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Bloomberg Law provides Company Profiles on all publicly traded companies and approximately 2.4 million Company Profiles on private companies. The quickest way to get a snapshot of your company’s Federal Litigation is to enter your company name in the Bar, located on the top right side of the page and then select the company from the drop down suggestion menu. 

Once you select your Company of choice (try Facebook for a quick example), Bloomberg Law will take you to our Company Profile page for Facebook.  This page offers a complete overview of all company related content found on Bloomberg Law which is divided into several distinct segments (each found as you scroll down on the page): for Company Litigation, scroll down the page until you see the Federal Litigation section located on the bottom left of every Company Profile Page. 

Federal Litigation - Company Profile Page

This section provides a snapshot of your company’s Federal Litigation over the past 4 years and includes the number of Dockets filed by Case Type.  You may choose to view litigation analysis for your company either Quarterly or Annually, you may also choose to include Circuit Courts or to include or exclude subsidiaries from the results list in this quick company litigation search.  The list provides the option to select specific Case Types (identified along the left side of the table and consistent with Nature of Suit fields on found on Federal Docket sheets) or to select the specific number of cases that fall under a particular year or case type. 


What if my company of choice does not appear as a suggestion in the Bar, plus, I’m interested in more than just a snapshot of the past 4 years of Federal Litigation?  How can I find all company litigation in this instance?


So, that’s a great question since the Bar provides only few company suggestions.  Simply select the Litigation & Dockets Tab from the Orange toolbar on the page.  Select the option to Search Dockets.  Since you want all dockets, fast forward to the center of the search page under Party Options and enter your Company’s name in the Party Field. Select Search and view your results which will show all Federal and State Dockets on the system where your Company Name appears in the docket as a Party to the Litigation. 

Looking for more details about the Company Profile Page on Bloomberg Law – for more information on Company Profiles, please see the newsletter's product spotlight.