White House to Name John Ring Labor Board Chairman

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By Hassan A. Kanu

The White House will name former management lawyer John Ring chairman of the federal labor board next week, sources familiar with the situation told Bloomberg Law April 12.

Ring was confirmed April 11 via a party-line vote to serve on the five-member National Labor Relations Board. He will replace atop the board current Chairman Marvin Kaplan, another member of the three-person Republican majority appointed by President Donald Trump.

Kaplan served as chairman for barely five months. The board during Kaplan’s tenure became engulfed in a controversy over its decision to rescind an Obama-era rule that made it easier to hold multiple entities jointly liable for labor law violations. The board later had to withdraw that decision and restore the Obama board’s standard. Some Republicans and management lawyers, and even the board’s own general counsel, criticized Kaplan for how he initially handled the controversy.

The ethics snafu is ongoing, and Ring will now probably have a chance to weigh in on the ultimate resolution. Ring is a former partner at Morgan Lewis in Washington, D.C.

The White House and the NLRB didn’t immediately provide comment.

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