Practical Guidance, Research, & Analytic Tools

You’ll discover practice tools in Bloomberg Law® that will improve your capacity to advise quickly. With analytic tools, chart builders, drafting tools, and practical guidance tailored to your specific practice area, you will gain insights from leading experts and analysts. Bloomberg Law’s Practice Centers make it easy to access comprehensive, nuanced legal analysis paired with timesaving research and analytic tools.


Bloomberg Law is a complete legal solution that leverages innovative technology and practice tools to support the way you work.

Primary Content & Expert Analysis

With Bloomberg Law, you’re able to start, refine, and finish primary research by using technology that delivers the right information quickly. BCiteSM verifies the cases you rely on are good law, while Smart CodeSM uses machine learning to replace editorial code annotation, increasing accuracy, efficiency, and discoverability. Our Bloomberg Law Dockets solution provides unlimited access to federal, state, and international dockets and court filings and allows you to set up customizable alerts.

You can also rely on our expansive library of secondary content – including Books, Treatises, and our trusted Law Reports – to deepen your knowledge.



Bloomberg’s Company & Market Information

Go beyond the practice of law with Bloomberg Law’s integrated business resources. Deepen your understanding of your clients’ industries with the help of Bloomberg’s leading market data. Gain insight into the businesses of your clients, competitors, and adversaries by using the Company Screener. Stay on top of the latest relevant developments, including M&A activity, executive hires, and attorney moves, with customizable monitors.



Curated, Relevant News & Alerts

Use Bloomberg Law to remain current on emerging legal and business trends with up-to-the-minute news and company information you can trust. Discover essential expert coverage from more than 70,000 global sources. Hear about developments as they happen with Breaking Complaints.