Winning at the NLRB, Second Edition

This treatise includes in-depth analysis by practitioners who outline steps for winning cases before the National Labor Relations Board. Issues covered include investigations, back pay computations, injunctions, negotiations and settlements, representation issues, litigation tactics, and much more. The treatise includes citations to significant decisions and context on the NLRA.

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Learn new tactics for successfully handling each case before the NLRB during investigation, negotiation, settlement, and more.

Secure the advantage you need to win your cases before the National Labor Relations Board. The authors draw on their own extensive experience to tell you what winning steps you can take in dealing with investigations, backpay computations, injunctions, negotiations/settlements, representation issues, litigation tactics, and more.

Benefit from analysis of recent cases, changes in agency procedures, and Internet materials; explanations of the law and the NLRB case handling Manual; specific advice for unions and employers; expert commentary on the best strategies; and checklists and sample language to help you prepare a successful case.

Get an insider’s meticulous guidance on the little-known procedures and strategies that can assist you in dealing with the NLRB.

The Second Edition has been updated and completely revised with fresh insights on how to win cases before the NLRB and new content including:

  • An easily accessible section on the cases that the NLRB has advised its staff are noteworthy, with a brief description of each case
  • A section on E-filing at the NLRB—what can and cannot be filed electronically
  • A section on the historical context of the National Labor Relations Act
  • Extensive citations to recent NLRB and court decisions
  • Discussion of new procedural changes affecting investigations and hearings, together with discussion of the manual that the Administrative Law Judges use as a guide


Bloomberg BNA authors and editors are practicing professionals with insider perspectives and real-life experience. Learn more about this book’s authors and editors.


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