A Wish List of What Attorneys General, Think Tanks and Environmental Groups Want From Trump

resized White House Christmas tree

This holiday season industry organizations, think tanks and states have compiled a lengthy wish list of environment and energy policies for President-elect Donald Trump, ranging from rolling back climate regulations to overhauling the nation's bedrock environmental laws.

While environmental advocates have pledged to fight back against any actions the Trump administration may take to roll back Obama-era environmental policies, organizations including the National Association of Manufacturers and the Competitive Enterprise Institute have highlighted specific steps Trump could take to implement as part of his stated plan to make "full use" of domestic energy sources. 
Here's what people are asking the Trump administration for this holiday season:

  • 22 state attorneys general want the Trump administration to rescind the Clean Power Plan, the EPA’s first-ever carbon dioxide standards for power plants.
  • The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free-market group, said Trump should end U.S. participation in the Paris Climate Agreement and stop funding the U.N. Green Climate Fund.
  •  The American Petroleum Institute thinks approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline should be a “top priority” for Trump after inauguration. 
  •  The Heritage Foundation wants the Trump administration to work with Congress to nullify Obama-era rules using the Congressional Review Act.
  •  The Nuclear Energy Institute asked Trump’s Energy Department to finish the licensing process for the Yucca Mountain nuclear depository in Nevada.
  •  The National Association of Manufacturers thinks it’s time for a “comprehensive update” to environmental laws, including extending the time EPA gets to complete its reviews of national standards for ozone and other pollutants.

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