Working with the Download Center

The Download Center is Bloomberg Law’s staging platform for printing, downloading and e-mailing documents, including Company Reports. It enables you to monitor the status of print, download and e-mail requests. You can also add documents to Workspaces directly from the Download Center. All documents in the Download Center are deleted after seven days. To store a document for a longer period, consider saving it to one of your Workspaces or use Zip/Download to store on your computer.

You can filter the items in the Download Center by Type, Status, Format.

How to Access the Download Center
  1. From the top Bloomberg Law Menu, click My Work History.  A set of choices will appear on a pull-down menu and your downloaded documents will appear to the right. 
  2. Choose View All from the bottom of the list and you will be brought to the Download Center.
How to Download a Document to the Download Center
  1. To download a document so that it appears in the Download Center, click the Print/Download link that appears at the top of the document.

    DL Center 1

  2. You will then get a Print/Download pop up window.  

    DL Center 2

  3. After making your choices, click the Print/Download button and the document will be sent to your Download Center.