Workplace Violence

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    The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported homicide is the most frequent cause of on-the-job deaths among food and beverage service workers. The BLS study looked at deaths among servers from 2003 through 2008 and found that of 141 fatalities, 97 were homicides. The most common cause was shooting. Few of the deaths involved a current or former coworker. Most deaths occurred during a robbery.
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Did you know…?
    Late-night retail workers at convenience stores, gasoline stations, and liquor stores also are vulnerable to workplace violence? Risk factors for these workers include the exchange of money, lack of training in recognizing and managing escalating hostile behavior, and sale of alcohol. New Mexico has a unique regulation aimed at protecting convenience store employees from violence. Late-night retail employers must have transparent polycarbonate or other bullet-resistant material encompassing the service counter area of a convenience store. The New Mexico regulation also prohibits solo workers staffing a store at night. A second employee or security guard must be present in the store from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.
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