Workspaces and Saved for Later Overview

Use Workspaces to organize research and collaborate with colleagues about the research. Save Bloomberg Law documents and searches and add external files to a Workspace. Invite colleagues to review the research and add their comments to any Workspace document. Access Workspaces from anywhere at any time.


Use Workspaces to:

  1. Create a file/folder pertaining to each case or subject matter,
  2. Tag and classify information inside the Workspace,
  3. View recent activity, and
  4. Collaborate about the research on a Workspace.

The Workspace Owner is notified about Workspace activity (adding documents, commenting etc.) by any of the Workspace member. When there is activity by the Workspace Owner (invitations to join etc.), the other members of the Workspace are notified. 


Saved For Later

Bloomberg Law clients can use Saved for Later to easily organize search results—including documents from multiple searches related to a common research project. Users can quickly and effectively print, download or email packages of results from Saved for Later, as well as add them to Workspaces.