Antitrust Practice Center

The Antitrust Practice Center provides a comprehensive antitrust practitioners’ toolkit including a range of practice tools, primary sources, secondary analysis, and news.

How to Use the Practice Center

The Practice Center is organized by tabs: Practice Pages, Laws & Regulations, Enforcement Agencies, Litigation & Dockets, Transactional Resources, Practice Tools, BNA Portfolios, Books & Treatises, and News & Law Reports.  

You can use each of the tabs on the left-hand side to easily navigate to all the resources relevant to your practice needs.  

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Practice Pages

Practice Pages are focused on the specialized needs of practitioners.  These pages provide customized selections of multiple practice tools, editorially crafted specialized docket and case law searches, and curated sets of treatises, Portfolios, statutes and regulations, and news.  Use these pages to quickly hone in on the tools, secondary analysis, and primary content most useful to your practice specialty.

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Enforcement Agencies

Use the Enforcement Agencies tab on the left-hand side to access Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice Antitrust Division decisions and guidance.

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BNA Portfolios and Books & Treatises

The BNA Portfolios and Books & Treatises tabs collect practice-area-specific titles from our Corporate Practice Series.  Use these tabs to find the portfolio or treatise by practice need. 

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Additional Practice Center Features
  • Each Practice Page provides an editorially curated selection of relevant statutory and regulatory content, key treatises from among Bloomberg Law’s 80+ corporate portfolios, and essential forms and checklists.
  • Get quick access to the most relevant laws and regulations.
  • The Litigation & Dockets tab provides direct access to the most relevant dockets and cases law.
  • The Transactional Resources tab provides tools, such as mergers and acquisitions clause descriptions, forms, and timelines.