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Know all there is to know with detailed reporting on the day's employment-related developments nationwide.  The Report includes coverage of Congress, the courts, the Department of Labor, NLRB, EEOC and other government agencies, state actions, union organizing, and more — plus economic news, labor statistics, international-labor trends, and key developments.

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Gain a new perspective from the in-depth analysis offered in BNA Insights articles, written by leading labor & employment practitioners and thought leaders. Examine the issues facing management and workers, emerging legal developments, and workplace trends — and understand their impact. Learn the details and ramifications of significant bargaining contracts in major industries as soon as they're available. Receive expert analysis on major developments and Supreme Court decisions.

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Leverage Bloomberg BNA’s exclusively developed tools and templates, including the Wage Trend Indicator™, which predicts and interprets trends in U.S. private industry wages.

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Save time and increase productivity. Trust Bloomberg BNA’s seasoned editors to digest the most important, pertinent information in a way that is easy to find and follow. The Highlights page spotlights key news. Leading the News focuses on the day’s top story. Supreme Court Docket Watch monitors developments at the Supreme Court. Conference Report describes notable sessions and panels at recent meetings and covers significant actions taken by delegates to major labor union conventions. And EEOC Watch provides a regular roundup of EEOC settlement and enforcement actions.


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Notification: current reports providing news and developments.

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Published daily with an afternoon briefing.