The single solution for U.S. corporations operating in multiple states or countries who are challenged with managing domestic and international environment and safety compliance responsibilities and risk mitigation.

Environment & Safety Platinum provides full coverage of domestic and global environment and safety laws, regulations, policies, and trends at federal, state, and international levels with Environment & Safety Platinum. This product equips your organization with complete coverage of critical environment and safety laws, regulations, policies, and news at the federal, state, and international levels. Furthermore, you’ll have access to custom research answers to your most pressing questions, customizable chart-builder tools to keep your compliance priorities accessible and up-to-date, full text of federal and state EHS laws and regulations, extensive international information covering more than 65 countries, decisional of precedent-setting cases, and a detailed collection of chemical regulations.

Environment & Safety Platinum serves as your single solution for U.S. and international environment and safety compliance, guidance, monitoring and news.

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  • Full text of significant federal, state and administrative rulings. All cases include a topic finder, the Bloomberg Environment classification outline, and a table of parallel citations.
  • International information, including Mexican environment and safety laws and regulations (in English and Spanish), EU directives and regulations, and Canadian laws and regulations.
  • Profiles of environment and safety laws in more than 65 countries.
  • Federal Register updates and archives, and research aids are included in all of the federal modules.
  • Federal laws, regulations, and agency documents related to the environment, chemical controls, hazmat, and safety.
  • State environment and safety laws and regulations.


  • Bloomberg Environment analysis and guides covering: Air Pollution Control, Chemicals Management, Water Pollution Control, Waste Management, Safety, Environment & Safety Compliance Calendar, Chemcite Research Suite – Domestic, Environmental Due Diligence Guide, Right-to-Know Planning Guide, and Spill Reporting Procedures Guide.
  • Proposed, interim, and final state and federal regulations
  • Original reporting and breaking news as well as news from EPA, OSHA, FDA, DOI, NRC, DOT, and other agencies
  • Concise, detailed summaries containing code citations, effective dates, hearing schedules, comment deadlines, and names and telephone numbers of government contacts.




  • Mitigate risk and effectively manage and filter critical information relevant to your organization.
  • Stay current through up-to-date resources such as EHS white papers, webinars, and benchmarking information.
  • Get thorough coverage of the complete spectrum of environment and safety issues, with seamlessly linked analysis, full-text materials, objective reports, and editorial enhancements.
  • Monitor changes to federal and state laws and regulations with daily updates.
  • Track regulatory actions at every stage in the rulemaking process, from proposal to enactment to amendment.
  • Spend fewer hours cross-checking state resources.



  • Keep pace with decisional trends by reviewing thousands of significant rulings from federal and state courts and administrative agencies in full text, headnoted and classified by our legal editors.
  • Never miss another deadline with a multi-year calendar of legal and regulatory compliance dates.
  • Obtain hard-to-find documents, including agency guidance and policy documents.
  • Understand complex and lengthy regulations that are translated for you by Bloomberg Environment’s editors into clear, succinct, plain-English summaries.
  • Stay ahead of the curve by monitoring laws, policies, trends, and practices that could affect your organization.
  • Receive notice of key developments in workplace safety and health, including the status of OSHA-related bills in Congress, proposed and final regulations, and OSHRC decisions.


Special Features


  • Review related documents for every law or regulation included in the product, including:
    • Updates that have occurred in the last 90 days
    • Bloomberg Environment analysis available on the subject matter
    • Agency guidance
    • Relevant Federal Register documents
  • Create custom reports with our exclusive regulatory summary report feature. Choose the jurisdictions, topics, etc. and display your results in an easy-to-read chart format or export as MS Excel document.



  • Chart builder feature allows you to compare federal and state requirements in an easy-to-read side-by-side chart. Available for Air Pollution Control, Environmental Due Diligence, Chemicals Management, Right-to-Know Planning, Safety, Spill Reporting Procedures, Waste Management, and Water Pollution Control.
  • Customize your e-mail updates to meet your needs by choosing the format and frequency covering the states and topics you need to monitor.
  • Comprehensive coverage of legal decisions provide you with immediate knowledge of the environmental-law developments that can significantly affect your business or clients.