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Access practice tools, as well as industry leading news, customizable alerts, dockets, and primary content, including a comprehensive collection of case law, dockets, and regulations. Leverage United States Patents Quarterly headnotes on every significant IP case since 1929. Quickly and precisely target the most useful resources for your practice area or specialization including patent law, trademark law, copyright law, trade secret law, and international IP law.

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Quickly and precisely target the most useful resources for your practice area or specialization. Practice tools, expert analysis, and primary content are all organized by practice areas. And specialized Practice Pages tailored to practitioner workflows provide a streamlined approach to research and analysis, and include dozens of specialized case law and docket searches, practice tools, new trackers, and the most relevant analytical and primary content for your needs so that you can spend more time on analysis, and less time searching for the right source.


Research IP case law with a comprehensive federal and state case law collection, including the U.S.P.Q., featuring more than 80 years of headnoted IP cases.  Navigate the U.S.P.Q. using the proprietary headnote and classification outline.  And access all the relevant patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret laws and regulations organized by practice area and specialty.

Delve into in-depth analysis of key issues with over 80 comprehensive treatises written by leading IP experts, and organized by practice areas and specialization with titles including: Patents After the AIA: Evolving Law & Practice and Patents and the PTAB Handbook.


Get the answers you need with the latest insights and trusted analysis written by leading intellectual property law experts with dozens of Bloomberg BNA book titles – many co-published by the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA). Content is organized across specializations so you can zero in on the specific information you need, including patent litigation and prosecution, pharmaceuticals and biotech, patent licensing, copyright, trademarks, trade secrets and more.

Go beyond the stories of the day with guidance from leading IP-law practitioners with two Portfolios from the Corporate Practice Portfolio Series: Trademarks and Related Unfair Competition Law and Trade Secrets: Protection and Remedies.


Stay on top of evolving issues with premier coverage from the Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal – Daily EditionWorld Intellectual Property Report (WIPR), Electronic Commerce & Law Report, and tailored intellectual property and telecom news pages featuring thousands of sources. Dive deeper into the most important developing issues in IP with Bloomberg Law’s In Focus pages, providing the most relevant case law, dockets, news stories, and expert analysis surrounding these noteworthy developments, curated and expertly sourced by the Bloomberg BNA IP Editorial Team. And access additional in depth analysis from intellectual property law reviews and journals.